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STAG Industrial Stock: Pullback A Buying Opportunity

We also gleaned that STAG was robustly supported at its July lows as it closed in on its 50-month moving average (blue...

Buy Now Before It’s Too Late: 2 Opportunities To Not Miss

Conclusion BGR has hiked its distribution multiple times, and its underlying holdings continue to raise their payouts. This is thanks to a...

Nike Stock: Reaps Benefits Of Its Strategy, Buy (NYSE:NKE)

Risks Nike relies on third parties to manufacture its products. China and Vietnam each account for 36% of the total...

IBM Stock: We Are Not Angry (NYSE:IBM)

IBM: We Are Not Angry

Why I Set $255 Berkshire Hathaway Limit Order To Buy Apple

Final thoughts and risks As a perpetual bull for BRK and AAPL, my overall view is that there is really no bad...

APA Corporation: Block 58 And 53 In Suriname Add Some Spice (NASDAQ:APA)

Note: The chart has been adjusted for the dividend. APA forms an ascending broadening wedge pattern with resistance at $52...

QQQ: An Excessive Bust Is Coming

Until next time, happy investing.

Tesla Stock (TSLA): Wall Street Is Asleep To Tesla’s Technical Advances In Autonomy

I've been banging the table for five and a half years about Tesla's (NASDAQ:TSLA) clear advantage in autonomous driving: lots...

TSMC Stock: World’s Most Important Company, Stupidly Cheap (NYSE:TSM)

But market share alone understates the dominance of the TSMC. The firm has a massive advantage in process technology that...

Palantir Stock: Reconsidering My Position Due To Its CEO (NYSE:PLTR)

I believe Alex Karp's commentary negatively impacted Palantir's image and perception in the marketplace If you're interested, you can listen...

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